Our Blue Morpha Butterfly – for super-efficient PV’s

Our Blue Morpha Butterfly – for super-efficient PV’s

The Attraction of iridescent Blue

The Blue Morpho Didius butterfly uses the striking colour on the top of its wings to improve its chances of mating (the underside is dull brown and covered in 14 fake eyes to put off predators). However, the colour comes from cone-shaped structures that scatter light to create a vivid shade of iridescent blue, rather than any pigmentation.

Researchers Aim
In 2009 it was discovered that Perovskite, a mineral that contains calcium titanium oxide, has photovoltaic properties. Development of perovskite as one of the most efficient possible solar cell is one of the main prizes in the solar industry. The Australian research seeks a way to absorb the blue, green and ultraviolet wavelengths in the perovskite layer of a “tandem” design of solar cell, whereas the longer red, orange and yellow light would be directed to the silicon layer.



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