How Thatcher Built the Tunnel and “Destroyed” Apprenticeships

How Thatcher Built the Tunnel and “Destroyed” Apprenticeships

Senior industry figures working in constuction in the 1980′s share personal memories of the late Baroness Thatcher and sum up how her policies helped re-shape the indiustry then and now.



Michael Benfield says:

Excellent roundup of views, all of which are correct from their own particular standpoint.

Periodically during Lady Thatcher’s “reign” I discussed the latent problems of abandoning apprenticeships and selling off council housing, with my late father. Regrettably all came true. Not because of her basic housekeeping approach, but though failures on all sides to contemplate the unintended consequences of such actions. The same holds true today, and the decimation caused over the last few years to even the rump of our industry left over from the ‘80’s will, I fear, lead to further unexpected difficulties.

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